Is there any chance of a LINUX port?

We would like to support Linux! Currently our basic engine technology is Unity, but they don’t have an option to build out to Linux at this time. Here is discussion concerning THIS

As soon as Unity will support Linux, we’ll be able to make Linux build of the game too. We hope this fact won’t change your desire to be our backer as well.

From other point, Unity supposedly supports NativeClient, which is cross-platform and will run on Linux using Google Chrome. You can probably offer a Linux port through that. We know that, but we prefer don’t promise unproof / untested things. Means, currently we have no test results about our technology work in such condition.

So our position: better don’t promise, but to do, than to promise and don’t realize.

In result: there is a real technical solution to play this game on Linux without ANY special improvement. But we cannot 100% promise you this before we’ll test it in the future. So our official answer is:

The Unity game engine doesn’t natively support Linux… yet!  We HOPE to make a Linux build of the game available too, and are going to be actively working with other Unity developers towards this end, but we can’t make any guarantees at this stage.


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