Rak-Tak-Bashogee (RTB)


Genotype: Arthropoda
Technology: Redundant, solid construction, using thick and heavy slabs of material


Rak-Tak Bashogee translates roughly as “Big Swarm of Units”.  This highlights two things – their hive-mind and their lack of imagination.  A Bashogee is physiologically an individual.  Each individual, however, is subject not just to their surrounding reality, but a reality of consensus that stems from a telepathic link to other Bashogee in the area.  This groupthink mentality has created a culture that isn’t very bright, or creative, or subtle… but when a Bashogee wants to get something done, so do all of their friends.  That thing tends to get done.

Their spacecrafts are covered by heavy and powerful armor, constrained from separate shields, surrounded by a light, energy-protective shield. Rak-Tak-Bashogee believe that brutal force and heavy armor are better than any clever strategy or ingenious technology.

RTB_Officer RTB_Warrior
RTB Officer RTB Warrior
RTB Heavy Unit


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