Karrishta (KRST)


Genotype: Cryogenic Cephalopods
Technology: Early space era primitive technologies


There was a time when the Yatagooshee actively encouraged the development of young, promising races, in a subtle bid to block the expansion of the Aspirogans.  This program did not work quite as intended – the Karrishta’s first act of galactic diplomacy was to declare jurisdiction over all gas planets, including those occupied by the Tailoddans.  It took quite some time to curb Karrishtan arrogance, and even now their tempers run as hot as their blood runs cold.

Where the Tailoddan are secluded and peaceful, the Karrishta are their polar opposite – aggressive, ambitious, dwelling in the supercooled oceans of ice giants, and prone to biting off more than they can chew.

The Karrishta are inhabitants of ice giant planets similar to Uranus. They live in conditions of extreme cold, floating in the ocean of a cooled gas, consisting as it does mainly of a mix of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane, and a small amount of ammonia with a whole group of inert gases. The life cycle of Karrishta based on the so-called anaerobic oxidation of methane.


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