Yatagooshee ( YTG )


Genotype: Reptiles
Technology: Regenerating organic-metallic alloys that self-repair and self-maintain


The Yatagooshee (YTG) are the dominant galactic civilization. They are an ancient race with a long history and a powerful interstellar armada. They have many eminent soldiers, explorers, scientists and diplomats, and many strong and loyal allies. But above all this – their proprietary network of hyperspace portals is what allows two-thirds of all occupied worlds to survive.

There are only two races in the galaxy with the technology to produce and install hyperspace portals: Yatagooshee and Aspirogans.  The fragmentation of the Aspirogans into rival clans prevents them from competing on the galactic level with the Yatagooshee portal network, giving the Yatagooshee dominance in the field and the ultimate leverage against the other races. They lease their portals to others, but under close supervision, and are prepared to pull them out if provoked.  A colony cut off like this is as good as dead.

The Yatagooshee constantly remind the other races that the galaxy is their patrimony, and take firm military action when dissent is raised.  This is not arrogance – they own many more star systems than they can firmly control, and if they don’t act sooner, later may be too late!  In truth the Yatagooshee are innately pragmatic.  This drives their long-term strategies and enables rapid responses to unexpected obstacles; it makes them efficient, both outside and inside battle.  They prefer a longer, more cautious strategy that destroys their enemy with minimum loss of life and collateral damage.  Some consider them cowards for not taking undue risks, and for their willingness to pull back when confronted with certain death – but while a path to victory can be calculated, they have never been known to retreat.

Their spacecrafts are encased in a hybrid of metallic and organic (brown colored) armor, allowing them to regenerate from battle damage.

YTG_Male YTG_Head
Yatagooshee male Yatagooshee head
YTG Pilot


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