Flight Model

The Flight Model is a physical method of flight. In this case, the term “Model” has the meaning of the algorithm of action: how the same actions lead to different results, and conversely, how to get the same result through different actions.

For example, imagine that you’re driving a car, and then fly a plane. If you are going to turn, you turn the steering wheel in both cases. In the case of a car such your action will change the direction of your movement on the ground, turning in a horizontal plane – is an example of how this works in the DIRECT model.

Piloting the plane, and rotating the wheel, you will first receive a roll (one wing goes down, the other wing will rise up), until both wings of the aircraft will not stand more or less vertically. Then you have to pull the wheel towards you to turn “up”. This allows you to make a turn in the horizontal plane. Then you need to roll back to restore its wings in a horizontal plane. Thus you make a turn left / right while flying in the air – so it works in the COMBY model.

This is a very important feature. In fact, the absence of such functionality is one of the main reasons why players who love racing games, cannot play in space and flight simulators. Moreover, if a player likes to play in the helicopter pilot, he usually flies, as does the helicopter. As a result, he feels uncomfortable when flying in a different way and would prefer not to play in other simulators.

We have implemented four flight models in our game. Click on the icons below to learn more about the features of each of the physical model of the flight.


Direct Duplex Comby Strafe Strafe


Four videos below demonstrate the comparison of the most used actions, how they are realized in every flight model.

The UP Turn


The DOWN Turn


The Left/Right Turn




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