YTG Spaceships


The Yatagooshee race has the largest space fleet in the galaxy. Hundreds of thousands of spaceships are patrolling borders of their empire or are based on numerous military bases in hundreds of inhabited worlds on both sides of the Black River.

Despite the fact that their ships can be built on any of the thousands of shipyards, spread throughout the galaxy, they have a clear classification and are following the same standard of construction.

Their spacecrafts are encased in a hybrid of metallic (grey-blue colored) and organic (brown colored) armor, allowing them to regenerate from battle damage.

YTG_Fighter IYTG Fighter I YTG_Fighter IIYTG Fighter II

YTG Transport / Supply Ship

YTG_Destroyer IIYTG Destroyer II YTG_Cruiser IIYTG Cruiser II
YTG_Cruiser IIIYTG Cruiser III YTG_Cruiser IVYTG Cruiser IV

YTG Scientific Station


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