There are eight playable races inside the game. Each race’s set consists of hundreds of armor shields, weapons, power equipment and other devices, making ship customization an adventure of its own.

The player can customize his spacecraft using construction elements and devices of aliens’ ships, which have been captured in his previous missions. Such deep customization of the ship lets player create an “ideal configuration”, which would be well balanced for the upcoming mission conditions. As a result of such customization, the player gets a completely unique visual design of his battle craft with a feature set that includes, mass, speed, physical model of the flight, set of weaponry and other important attributes.

Images below demonstrate, how player can customize his spacehip by using construction elements of spacecrafts of four other races:

Rak-Tak-Bashogee Aspirogans Shaarkarians
RTB_Ship ASP_Ship SHA_Ship

Player Mix

SHA_Ship FSLK_Ship ASP_Ship
Shaarkarians Fslak-Tuembao Aspirogans

Furthermore, the player can have numerous variations and modifications of his spacecraft saved there in his Hangar.

Compare ships

Video below demonstrates how it looks in the game (June 2011):

With a combination of several types of armor, shield technologies, weaponry, power equipment and other devices helps the player balance out their ship and adjust its efficiency for each mission unique conditions.

For example, if the battle were to take place within asteroid field, the player could use a light armor layer (employing asteroids as a natural shield) and weaker engines to employ maximum maneuverability around the dangerous asteroids. The player should use the type of wings which allows him to fly using the “Duplex flight model” (check Flight Models chapter below) to allow them to move forward and backward between large chunks of debris or to dive into the gaping chasms and tunnels inside of large asteroids. Moreover, there is a reason to add a powerful energy shield generator in combination with short range/rapid-firing weaponry, which is effective in close combat. As a result, the player should create a lightweight and maneuverable spacecraft, which will let him squeeze between asteroids and stage short but devastating close-range attacks.

On the other hand, open space requires a craft armored with a heavier armor, long range weapons, and auto-targeting smart missiles for those far off ships. It is suitable to have Direct or Strafe flight model together with powerful engines to fly straight and fast, using inertial tricks to avoid enemy fire.

The higher the player’s rank, the more powerful and expensive ship components will be in the hangar within their secret lair.


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