Game Synopsis

Boy During our Ice Age, a young human male named Ael was taken from the wild Earth aboard an alien spaceship. Raised by a space wanderer, he left his teacher at age 16 to become one of the most ruthless pirates in the Galaxy. He earned infamy by robbing trade convoys and being engaged in sabotage for hire all around the Galaxy.
The chaos of global interstellar war turns him from small-time pirate into high-priced mercenary. When the war ends, he’s forced to escape from the prosecution of justice into the dark unpopulated Galaxy regions, where he undertakes several bold missions, earning acclaim and protection from several mystical races. Teen
Man New troubles arise when the race of hostile invaders called “Shaarkarians”, approach from the dark abyss of space, devastating inhabited worlds and killing all life they meet on their way. They exploit the telepathic abilities possessed by most of the galaxy’s inhabitants, using psi-controllers to enslave them. Capitalizing on the well-known fact that humans are mentally deaf, the Galactic Society hires Al and other such “freaks” to stop the ruthless alien onslaught.

The time of real heroes has come, the time of Ael “Skyjacker” – the only human in the aliens’ Universe.

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