Tailoddans (TLD)


Genotype: Ichthyans in dense atmosphere of a  gas giant
Technology: Unknown/Hidden


It was assumed that nothing can dwell in the dense core of supergiant gas planets – the intense, overwhelming pressure crushes every vessel, from the mightiest of warships to the sturdiest of exploration drones.  Then it was discovered the Tailoddan civilization not only routinely traverses these regions, but lives there.

The Tailoddans represent a hitherto unknown quantity in the galaxy, existing in the most inhospitable atmosphere imaginable that isn’t the furious core of a star or the slow death throes of a black hole.  They never enter into military alliances, but by choice, not by weakness – all who encroach on their sovereignty are effortlessly crushed.  Some speculate that a downed Tailoddan ship could lead to a new technological singularity; so far, it remains speculation, because no one has ever brought one down and lived to talk about it.


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