Player’s Activity

The player becomes a space pirate who roams the Galaxy, pulling off hits and heists for a wide variety of criminal kingpins:

Man Scaf
  • Piloting, upgrading, and customizing spacecraft
  • Raiding convoys, cargo ships or military stores
  • Hijacking spaceships, stealing devices and technologies
  • Sabotaging industry, such as space shipyards or asteroid mining camps
  • Assassinating VIPs and military leaders
  • Collecting and using an enormous pile of weapons, systems, and devices
  • Hiring other pirates and gathering a gang

What does the player get out of it?


Cash Good performance on a mission brings in cash, to use in buying new upgrades and new missions on the Pirate Stock Market. You can also recruit other pirates into your gang, for the missions that require one.



Devices Completion of missions brings additional bonuses, such as new devices and technologies from looted or scuttled spacecraft. This allows you to upgrade your own spaceship with new abilities, advanced technologies and growing power in a Body Shop – the key to winning future space battles.


Rank ´┐╝Progression in the game raises your the rank. This gives access to more complex missions with greater opportunities.




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