Aspirogans (ASP)


Genotype: Siliconoids
Technology: Light and precise, enhanced with complex electronics and advanced nanotechnology


The Aspirogans are the Yatagooshee’s main rivals for galactic domination.  They are the only other civilization with a network of hyperspace portals, giving them the potential to compete with the Yatagooshee for control of interstellar travel.  That said, the Yatagooshee  network already in play spans the entire galaxy and runs smooth as silk – the Aspirogans are a contender only by virtue of being an existing alternative, no matter how small.
Aspirogan weapons are widely known as being the best in the galaxy.  Their weaponry incorporates numerous contextually-adaptive enhancements that provide massive stopping power in small, lightweight packages. Their spaceships are also light armored, but their armor is very “smart” and powerful; it’s improved by the complex electronics and advanced nanotechnology usage.

ASP Pilot


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