Balagores (BLG)


Genotype: Anthropoids
Technology: Patchwork of stolen devices


The Balagores are nomads – their native world was lost hundreds of generations ago, and with it, all sense of history and identity.  With no home to call their own, they have degenerated into scavengers, pirates and rogues.  They aimlessly wander the trade lanes in spaceships jury-rigged from stolen parts, reclaimed derelicts and scrapyard components.

This patchwork construction has developed into an art form, and one that is surprisingly stable and sophisticated, considering the strange and myriad technologies of the galaxy. You can call a Balagore many things, but never unintuitive – and it makes the honest among them excellent scouts, bounty hunters and investigators.

Their spaceships are a patchwork of stolen, captured or scrap technologies, assembled into sophisticated constructions.

BLG_Male BLG_Female
Balagore male Balagore female
BLG Pilot


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