Single Player

Oh, you know, destroy this, escort that. Stay in the radio shadow of this to avoid detection while creeping up on that.

Hug the shell of a huge transport (almost sitting on it) to reach shipyards inside a hollowed-out moon, loot their stockpiles and escape under enemy fire. If you messed up in the asteroids, you have a chance to be ambushed by a guard on arrival. If you succeed in reaching the shipyard, your friends can attack the main base, drawing aggro to help you escape.  Also: pirates are jerks. Watch your back, even around your employer…

In one mission a general hires you to kill the enemy leader. You enter the battlefield with your gang, amidst the two armies slugging it out. Your task is to reach one army’s staging grounds and destroy the capital ship. But BOTH armies are primed to attack you – the soldiers don’t know you’re on the take.  And if you’re too slow, the enemy army will destroy your client’s forces. There are complex trigger scenarios in missions that include several consequences depending on your actions, and each misstep increases the complexity.

There are ships you can only destroy by using smart drones. You have to release them at the right moment (when the enemy disables their energy shield to fire at you) and at close range, so the drones can burrow through the crevices between armor plates. The ability to destroy ships piece by piece opens up a whole new universe of gameplay features, tricks, tasks and possibilities! We’ve isolated numerous bugs and unintended behaviors during testing that we’ve exploited, unlocking new objectives and emergent activities. We promise that Skyjacker will not be the same game from one end to the other – and it will not be the same games you’ve played before.

Especially when you punch through the spore planet.  🙂


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