Shaarkarians (SHA)


Genotype: Bio-Tech Creatures
Technology: Bio-transformation


The Shaarkarians are a unique and deadly organism.  While the Smaktu farm components and ships in space, the Shaarkarians take it a step further – they have become their spaceships.  Their body is covered with a sectional exoskeleton, with living flesh visible through the cracks.  And where many galactic inhabitants possess telepathic abilities, the Shaarkarians can tear these portals to the mind asunder, leaving them little more than helpless puppets.


They were artificially created as a guardian race eons ago, programmed to protect their lords through the genocide of all other life.  The Shaarkarians have not forgotten their purpose, not in the thousands of years that have passed, despite the extinction of their creators and the eradication of all life within their reach.  They have migrated across the vast reaches of space and are about to stumble across the myriad civilizations of the Yatagooshee empire.  The result of this encounter?  Time will tell.  But all empires fall.

Furthermore, you can see them in “natural” in-game environment there in a Galary (Fleet of Shaarkarians)


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