Magheers (MGR)


Genotype: Plasma (waves)
Technology: Unknown


The word “Magheer” is Aspirogan for “dormant”.  Any name they might have had for themselves is unknown – they exist as little more ghost ships, strange spaceships drifting without direction across the galaxy.  Each ship houses thousands of artificial bodies that are devoid of life, not alive or asleep, simply kept intact through suspended animation.  And when removed from animation, each body is uninhabited, little more than an organic husk that expires from its own unattended processes.  What’s more – those who enter such ships fall victim to a similar plague, where their body shuts down one process at a time without apparent cause.  These haunted space hulks are allowed by most to drift where they may.

The only race that could come into contact with Magheers was a race Trasskah.


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