ASP Spaceships


Aspirogans are the second most important race in the galaxy after the Yatagooshee race. As well as their competitors, Aspirogans have a powerful space fleet, which consists of hundreds of thousands of space ships of different classes. However, in contrast to the Yatagooshee race, a race of Aspirogans split up into clans. As a result, many of their spacecraft can have differences and modifications. But in overall their spaceships construction is also follows the same set of common standards all across the galaxy.

Aspirogans are the best gun makers in the Galaxy. Their spacescrafts are light armored, but their armor is very “smart” and powerful; it’s improved by the complex electronics and advanced nanotechnology usage.

ASP_Fighter IASP Fighter I ASP_Fighter IIASP Fighter II

ASP Battleship

ASP_DestroyerASP Destroyer ASP_ForpostASP Forpost


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