BLG Spaceships


The Balagores’ spaceships are a patchwork of stolen, captured or scrap technologies. Since the race of Balagores’ is very spontaneous and disorganized, there is no clear classification of their ships. Being made ​​up of all that they can steal or find in space, each of their ship is unique and inimitable unit. Their ships can be conditionally classified as Fighters (driven by 1 pilot), Destroyers (has 1 pilot and 2-3 shooters on board) and Cruisers, where the assault team can be placed on board.

BLG_FighterBLG Fighter BLG_CruiserBLG Cruiser

BLG_DestroyerBLG Destroyer

BLG_DestroyerAnother BLG Destroyer

BLG_DestroyerDifferent parts of the BLG Destroyer were taken from the ships of other races or found in space. Then the new spacecraft has been assembled from these parts.


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