Player Ranks

The player begins his career as a pocket thief, flying a rusty space junker, equipped with an old gun. Progressing, he climbs the criminal ladder, changing his status in the criminal community and getting more and more new ranks. Each new rank opens new opportunities for him, that were unavailable at the previous stage.

The player is an unskilled newbie, flying an old, rusty vehicle at the beginning of the game. He takes free missions to earn his first money. Usually it’s about doing garbage pickup and debris runs.
With his first money, the player goes to the PIRATE STOCK MARKET, or recruit other pirates in his gang to meet a dealer in order to buy a mission. He can get only marauding missions at this stage, stealing goods from broken cargo ships, etc.
Stealing goods brings the player new devices and weapons. When his arsenal is well-established, he can start robbery missions against trade ships, but he should escape meeting the regular military forces.
The player’s power is growing while the Galaxy society is going to the global war. Getting the rank of saboteur, the player can be hired to sabotage the military factory or the armory storage. Now he can fight the armored guard and regular military forces.
Inter-racial conflicts explode into interstellar war that spreads beyond regular armies. Both sides hire space pirates for bloody missions: to assassinate military leaders or destroy the military convoys.
An infamous mercenary, the player can get any mission he likes. But the war ends, and he’s forced to escape from the prosecution of justice into the dark unpopulated regions of the Galaxy, where he can offer his professional services to help mystical races, which are living there.
When the race of “Shaarkarians” approaches from the dark abyss of space, killing any life they meet on their way, the player is called back to be hired to stop the onslaught. He gets remission for his old crimes in exchange for help to give away the bloody invaders.
The player gets this rank in the very end of the game, upon full completion of the missions tree. There is no mission related to this rank; this is the rank of winner.


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