Fslak-Tuembao (FSLK)


Genotype: Cephalopods
Technology: Layered, with thick organic and thin artificial strata


Dormant for eons, the Fslak-Tuembao are a civilization forgotten by time.  They are brilliant political and military strategists, with cunning and insight that far outstrips even the Yatagooshee – but their technology lags far behind, to the point that they were unable to achieve interstellar travel on their own.  Having lost hope, they turned off the lights and began an endless state of hibernation.  They were rediscovered in time by Yatagooshee expansionists, who helped usher them into the galactic stage.

They have since formed a symbiotic relationship – the Yatagooshee provide every Fslak-Tuembao ship with a Smaktu fighter escort and constant protection.  In return, the Fslak-Tuembao act as the nerve center of communications, coordinating nearby Yatagooshee fleet movements and operations.  The going bounty for destruction of a Fslak-Tuembao brainship is quite high, but few mercenaries are capable enough to collect!

Their spaceships are a mix of technologies, where heavy bio-armor is surrounded by a very light and powerful nano-shield.

Fslak-Tuembao squid-whale


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