QUESTION: I know SKYJACKER is a space-flight sim kind of game, but anyway – can I land the planet? It’s so much desirable feature, and I hate to detect its absence in any space sim I played before. But it would be so much attractive to do this. Can you make me happy in your SKYJACKER?

ANSWER: Yes! Sometimes it will be necessary – we even have armor and engines explicitly designed for it. Other times it will be optional, but you can always head on over!

The only thing to remember is that planets are pretty big. We’re stocking the vast reaches of space with plenty of things to see and do, but if you head away from missions and populated areas and start poking around planets, most of what you’ll see is unpopulated, unaltered terrain. We can’t have a fully-featured planetary environment simulator and a space combat simulator as the same game.

The expansion pack of course will feature several planetary environments where we expect you to drop in, and there will be a lot more to play with then. 🙂


A bit more about the landing: we definitely will let you LAND the planet !!! We have advanced set of features related to this option. Before to land the planet you should check, is current configuration of your ship let you do this?
For example, there are two types of ASP race armor: vanbram and danbram. The difference between both types is the following: the first armor’s production is located in a planetary condition and that armor is a solid monolith. It’s still strong, but not enough comparing to second one. Second type of armor consists of dozens of layers with small empty space between them. It’s stronger, because it can be springy. From other point, this second armor will be broken after the flight in atmosphere, when pilot will turn back to vacuum due to the air and moisture between layers, which will explode the armor or will fix its layers. The first armor, being less strong, will keep its features in both space and atmosphere conditions.
There are many other features, connected to the landing. But let us keep it closed for a while. Others already claimed us that we disclosed too much of game details in advance 🙂


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