QUESTION: What are the REPLAYABILITY FACTORS in the game?


  • Different assembly of your ship – each time you can play your mission differently due to the different configuration of your spaceship
  • Wide range of methods to destroy enemy ship (crash it on parts; shoot long until it will explode; blow up its engines making it unmanaged and wait until it will meet some huge asteroid on its path; etc.)
  • Alternate path of a mission – even there in demo you can choose to kill the runner ship in the beginning of mission to prevent new fighters appearance later then. Or you can choose to focus your fire on faster demolition of main targets of the mission (2 big and 4 small transport ship) having in mind to destroy them faster than additional enemy fighter will appear
  • Hidden “unfair” triggers –  sometimes shit happens 🙂 it’s possible that your gang (which hired you) won the mission, but then they will decide to kill all hired members to not share the loot with too many pirates. In this case you can get the mission after mission, when you should survive or to try to escape as soon as possible – you live in space pirates world and must be prepared for such scenario 😉
  • Multiple characters – we have a bunch of characters with their names and well programmed personal features, who you will interact with, meeting them from time to time and interacting with them. Some of them will be your friends, others will be your permanent enemies – even pirates!
  • Unlockable content



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