Well, this is a very good question, my friend! The fact – Kickstarter met its end and we didn’t get out 200K bank here. But we don’t give up! We have a strong desire to release SKYJACKER in Summer 2013 as was promised, despite all circumstances!

We launched our Plan B. In brief:

1) We raise money selling rewards there in our own site http://store.digitilus.com/

2) We divide the whole project/budget to stages/sub-budgets, and will launch series of small kickstarters heving in mind to raise smaller budgets and to move forward step by step.

Currently we continue this game development despite an unsuccessful funding here on Kickstarter. Hundreds of backers already support us there in our own site, droping their pledge at http://store.digitilus.com. So you can join us there too.

Furthermore, we continue inform the World about this project progress – check our updates there on Kickstarter.

In addition, you can visit our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Digitilus

And finally, upcoming Kickstarters are on their way. We are working on them now, preparing content and projects materials.

So follow us, this story to be continued 🙂


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