QUESTION:  Any chance of an English edition of the novels?

ANSWER: We need a budget to pay for ABYSS LIGHTS books translation to English. They are big enough. In Russian version. First book’s words count is 83 000 (150 pages of very dense text in MS Word), second book – 115 000 ( 212 pages) Furthermore, text itself is very specifically written – a lot of native alien slang, plus different narrative styles depending on race. For example, if there is a description of Balagore’s adventure, narrative style is more criminal, like if one gangster would narrate some story to another one. And so on all over those books.

In overall, it’s planned to create 7-8 books in this game Universe. But translation of books is a very specific and not easy deal. So as soon as we’ll get extra budget, our first Stretch goal stretch will be books translation, we promise!


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