Skyjacker is the story of a human caught in the storm of galactic conflict.  The game and the content being developed revolves around this protagonist and the decisions they make.

But then we’ve got this powerful game engine and all these assets (models, animations, AI, hundreds of parts).  Why stop there?  Once the game is done, we’re going to leverage those assets to write some other stories – stories about the aliens.  Some of them will be from the perspective of the pirates, and others, from their victims: the settlers, colonists, merchants and marines.  There will be planetary missions with factors largely not present in the Skyjacker campaign, such as atmospheric turbulence, gravity, and terrestrial obstacles, more like a flight sim than a space sim.  There will also be a wide variety of unique interfaces and features specific to each alien race.

The number of missions is subject to change, but we anticipate not less than 12-15 additional missions from each side, pirate and colonial – a minimum of 24-30 additional missions and related content.  If you’re a part of the beta community, you’ll have access to early builds of this content when the time comes; if you pledge high enough in the Kickstarter (and it doesn’t take much) you’ll receive it for free when it goes gold.  At that point it will also be made available for purchase in online stores.

(For those who followed from the first Kickstarter: this combines the content described as the Planetary and Anti-Pirate mission packs.


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