We approached major publishers with our game, and here’s what they had to say:

“Our main interest is in innovative gameplay feature and/or technology rather than in game genre. This said, there are indeed some genres and themes that we do not particularly like (sci-fi, adventure, space sim)”

“Thanks for showing me Skyjacker – it looks like you are fairly far through development – congratulations for getting this far. Unfortunately this would not be of interest to EA, but good luck on moving it forward.”
(Electronic Arts)

“I’m rather busy at the moment so I can’t provide detailed feedback for a couple of weeks. From a very brief glance, I’d say that this probably isn’t right for us.”
(Square Enix)

They never said it wouldn’t be good for GAMERS – just not for PUBLISHERS. So we’re not making this game with them, under them, or for them. Skyjacker is an independent in-house title and it’s being made for you. That means we need your help, so we can finally buckle down and make this happen.


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