We wanted to thank all of you, our amazing backers of SKYJACKER: Starship Constructor for your help kickstarting this project.

We’ve delivered R1 and R2 in your hands, and received many joyful and happy comments. We’re putting the final touches on R3, featuring free flight. Please watch your comm ports and emails for the R3 official release announcement of Starship Constructor very soon.

The success of SKYJACKER: Starship Constructor was a significant milestone that we achieved as part of our SKYJACKER journey together. Not only we delivered R1 and R2, and will be releasing R3 shortly, but we have made significant progress in making starship construction for the game platform centric, which means we are several steps closer to finishing SKYJACKER game.

Once again, mates, it would not have been possible without your help and support, for which we are very thankful and most fortunate space pirates in the Universe! We wanted to give you something awesome in return for your stewardship. As we are entering two important chapters in our SKYJACKER journey, we wanted to present you with an opportunity to upgrade your level to the next one in the game. Take a glance at this chart, which should explain our upgrade methodology: {link to upgrade} and let us know if you have any questions.

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